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Each of us has/had different associations with Maurice and the "Skones musical world". Maybe you would like to share a moment or thought with those people that view this web site. You may leave a reflection, remembrance, tribute, comment or a support message for Patricia and the Skones family. Patricia will receive these "comments" directly as an email message.
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Topic: Paul Skones
Comments: Hi,

My name is Julie Parks and I have been looking for Paul Scones. I really hope I have found him. Only because I need or want to tell him thankyou! He was my high school choir teacher. He said to me once, don't let any one or any thing keep you from what you want to do or any dream you have. I will never for get that day. Now almost eight years latter I am now following my dream. I know I have had others that helped me along the way but some how my music teachers always could show me were I needed to put my time and energy into. I would love to say hi and maybe even get to talk with him a little. Oh by the way I am a Human service major with music as my minor.
so if you could please send this to him it would be great if not just let me know. Thank you, Julie Parks

Julie parks 03/11/04 12:30 (EST)
Topic: I learned a lot with him.
Comments: The second year he was at PLU, my junior year, he directed what was undoubtedly one of the best musical groups in the world at what it did. That was the best of his choirs I was a part of. To perform at that level time after time was like suddenly being able to pitch like Sandy Koufax. To do it in a group of 65 or more people was close to impossible, though he knew how to get close to and occasionally achieve the imposible. That's where he lived.
Now I look back on a few moments during all those concerts when it all came together like a well-written chord pefectly pitched, a peek behind the veil of mystery that surrounds so much of life in its incompleteness and finitude. Suddenly this insignificant little patch of dirt called PLU, lying next to where so many began their noisy one-way trips to Southeast Asia, became the center of the universe in terms of choral performance, as if lightning struck, again and again.

I was more in awe of him than anyone else I've ever known. I clearly remember being sort of reassured when I'd see him at basketball games, so much the fan, checking the half-time stats on the little mimeographed sheets they'd hand out to the media. This man who lead me close enough to a few moments of musical perfection to smell them like steaks on a grill was, after all, just a guy. Yet, I always thought of him as living a little differently than other people; he was one of those memorable people in my life who always seemed to be a foot or two off the ground.

Jack Kintner 02/04/04 03:41 (EST)
Comments: I first met Dr. Skones in Tucson. I was a student at the University of Arizona. I sang in his choir at the U of A, and the following year sang in the choir at Adams State College in Colorado. When Dr. Skones took the job at Pacific Lutheran University, I once again transfered to sing under Skones in the Choir of the West. He was truly a remarkable man, and his example has been with me my intire life. He was an inspiration to me. And, I'm still singing.

Mike Lundstrom 05/17/03 19:03 (EST)
Topic: Dr. Skones
Comments: I just today found out about the passing of Dr. Maurice Skones. He was a great teacher, musician anf friend. I will never forget what he did for me as a choral director and friend.
Forrest Daniel

Forrest Daniel 05/16/03 17:39 (EST)
Topic: Maurice H. Skones
Comments: Dear Friend,

John Brenden told me of our teacher's passing. This wonderful teacher taught me more about musicianship than any other teacher in Alamosa and Tacoma; I named my eldest child after him and she is a credit to his name.
Cordially yours,
Dr. Raeder Anderson

01/31/03 11:17 (EST)
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