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The Bonin Connection
"Resurfaced in August 2005"
Some Family Photos
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As Joe (Bonin) indicated, "There is no ill wind that blow no good?".

Hurricane Katrina (and the devestating aftermath) inspired a "connection" between families where the "relationship thread" had grown quite thin over the years. Hopefully, a better communication and awareness of each other can be fostered and maybe even some "friendships"!

If, while looking at the pictures and names that one becomes confused as to who belong with who, etc., I suggest looking at some of the "geneology charts" I have made available.

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I have plans to group pictures according to families. Rita provided the first contribution on 6 Sep 2005. Thanks Rita!

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  1. Rita Bonin Deas
    1. Fall 2005: Rita Bonin Deas
    2. Jun 2006: Zoo Photos

  2. Catherine Bonin Barbara
    1. Fall 2005: Christina Barbara Albarracin

  3. Elizabeth Bonin Looney
    1. Fall 2005: Elizabeth Bonin Looney
    2. April 2006: Addison Grace Arrives
    3. July 2006: Family Photos
    4. May 2008 Kyle's Communion

  4. Random Pictures
    1. Fall 2005: Hurricane Pictures
    2. Oct 2005 - One Picture: Bonin Sisters
    3. Jan 2007 - One Picture At: Jim/Jean Visit Beth
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