Some Picts

We renewed contact after over "50 years". We even recognized one another!
Seeing Barbara (Bobbie) and Bernadine (Tootsie) was just great!

Conversation and "getting acquainted" while having something to eat.

We wanted to share "roots" and the grave markers clear up some details!"
Grandpa Balzer Conrad and Grandma Margaret

The next generation
Benedict George Thomas and Eileen

Ira and Eva (Thomas) on on the same plot.

Martin (Thomas) and Mae lost a young one while in Devil's Lake.

Michael (Mickey) Thomas lives here now.
The fence, the barn, the garden, the chicken coop are all gone from the last time I saw this place.
What a history the huge tree in front has seen.

Grandpa Balzer's room was in the front here. The children were never permitted in this room.

I remember Grampa Balzer sitting under the tree in the back yard.
The entrance has been change since I last saw the house.

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