International Falls, Minnesota
July 2001

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that will interest some of you

First Stop - Last Stop

Found all the sites ... Mom, Dad (Grandma, Grandpa), Anne, Russell, Helge, Jon, plus.
Mom's stone was perfectly done! We hadn't seen it before - our last trip to Falls was 13 years ago in 1988!

The Permanent Records

A Best Friend

We really looked around and "had lunch" with Mom and Dad too!
Couldn't find Rae Hall but realized that his "resting place" is Rainy Lake!

- the names were wonderful -
- how about the name "Pulicicchio" (that is the official spelling, Jean) -


Everything seemed so small
"Only two steps to the corner, Dave!"
- Trees all gone - Ditches gone -
- Wonderful visit with Jack Murray and Jennie Skrien -
- Jim introduced himself to the young person in the home place but we didn't 'get in' -

The House That Dad Built!

Band Shell - Warming House

'Wrong notes/Right notes' and 'Skates laced up'

Gramdpa always made his "Smokey Trip" with the grandkids!

I had an order from Colleen to take these!

Two (local) kids were discoverd "doing their thing"!

Community Center - Library

Can't forget to study

Many piano recitals and high school dances in this room
(I thought I took a picture of the "Ladies Man" (Jim)
dancing with his current "heart-throb" (Jean)
but I must have had a "senior moment" and "messed up". Sorry!)

Remember "Zion"

We liked the "new church" but it was not like "going home"!

The stained glass windows are all preserved in the new church
but the "Christ" painting was out "on loan"
(Possibly at the Scandinavian museum in Decorah, IA?)

Old Zion

I have some 9x12 copies of the outside of the church (pict below) that I picked up in Falls.
Let me know, click, if you want one and I'll send it via regular mail.
(I need an address, of course, if you don't already have one listed in the family address book.)

Patricia or Shirley took this one afer Mother's funeral

You can also see the house in the background of this 1988 (Mom's Funeral) photo

Special Links For Interested People
Zion's Web Site